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VAT no. 120-8869-09

Terms and conditions of bookings in relation to all goods and services provided which you should read before signing and returning to us within the next 14 days. If we do not receive a signed copy either electronically or via post from you within 14 days we will assume your agreement which means these terms and conditions will stand in full without exception.

  1. Price list – all prices quoted are inclusive of VAT. and we reserve the right to change our prices without prior notice. The minimum stay is 2 days charged at the daily rate increasing to a 5-day minimum during peak season which is determined by us on an annual basis.
  2. Charges – are made per day and not per night and are calculated from the day of arrival continuing through to the day of departure. Customers who wish to collect early i.e. before the final date of their booking will still be charged for full occupancy. No refunds will be made.
  3. Cancellation Fee – bookings will not be accepted until your cancellation fee has been paid. You may cancel your booking and receive a full refund within 14 days of making it, after which your cancellation fee is non-refundable and will not be credited against any future bookings therefore you will lose the deposit.  We reserve the right to cancel your booking and refund your cancellation fee or deposit without any liability to B J Kennels & Cattery Ltd.  We also reserve the right to refuse your booking without liability, without cause and without any prior notice period.
  4. Payment – is required in full either before or upon arrival otherwise your pet may not be accepted on to our premises for boarding. We accept most major credit/debit cards and/or cash, we do not accept cheques. Should the need arise, interest will be charged at 5% pro-rata on all late payments. Clients who default are referred to the small claims court.
  5. Bank Holidays – A double charge will be applied for all bank holidays however where there are 2 bank holidays in any single booking only 1 double charge will be applied.
  6. Reception – Please arrive and depart during the following times: Monday to Saturday 9am – 1pm or 2pm – 5.45pm; Sunday 9am – 1pm. Sunday pm. CLOSED

Arrival or departure Sunday 2pm – 6pm will incur an extra charge of £7 per cat & £13 per dog.

  • Vaccination – Your pet must be up to date with flea/tick and worming treatments and annual vaccinations. A vaccination certificate must accompany each pet on every visit. New vaccination courses must be completed 28 days prior to boarding or you will not be covered under any circumstances by our insurance policy.
  • Kennel Cough – must be administered 6 weeks or more prior to boarding as it is a live vaccine and can potentially spread the virus.  Those dogs who do not have an up to date kennel cough vaccination may be refused entry and will not be covered under any circumstances by our insurance policy.
  • Food – All customers are asked to provide their own pet’s food to avoid any gastric issues which can occur from sudden changes in diet resulting in costly vet bills which you must pay even if it cannot be proven that a change of diet was the cause.
  • Multiple Occupancy – is where more than one animal share either accommodation or exercise. B J Kennels & Cattery Ltd accept no liability of any kind for injuries to or damage caused by your pets which can occur when kept in close confinement. We may decide to separate your pets entirely at our discretion if we feel it is in their best interests. You must understand that it may not always be possible to separate them during peak times however should we have the space you will be charged the daily rate for any extra accommodation used.
  • Luggage – Whilst we are happy for you to provide small items of luggage for your pet, we accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any luggage or items left with your pet and reserve the right to dispose of any such luggage/items should they become soiled or damaged. We do NOT welcome feed or water bowls as these are provided along with our own vet bedding.
  • Medication – We are happy to administer medication for you or your vets’ behalf however we are not trained veterinarians therefore accept no liability either personally or as a company for incorrect administration. Diabetic pets will incur a surcharge of £5 per day inclusive of vat.
  • Failure To Collect – If you or a representative of yours fails to collect or rearrange a new collection date for your pet and make payment in full for any extended period of boarding, within 14 days from the agreed collection date, we reserve the right to rehome your pet either temporarily or permanently without the need for you or your representatives consent.
  • Data Protection – I understand and agree that B J Kennels & Cattery Ltd keep my personal information on their data-base which includes my name, address and contact numbers and any other information that I have supplied to them for the purposes of complying with the Animal Welfare Licensing Act 2018. I give my consent to B J Kennels & Cattery Ltd to use this information when required for any matters relating to the welfare of my pet/s.
  • Veterinary Consent – I give my full consent to any professional veterinarian who may conclude that my pet/s require medical treatment in my absence. I further consent to any representative of B J Kennels & Cattery Ltd making decisions on my behalf and having full access to my pet/s medical details. I am happy NOT to exercise my right to GDPR rules under these circumstances and further understand and agree to pay any fees associated with veterinary treatment my pet/s have received within 14 days after I or any representative of mine have collected my pet/s.
  • Transportation Costs – I understand that should my pet require transportation whilst in the care of B J Kennels & Cattery Ltd there will be a minimum charge of £15 per return journey applied within a 5-mile radius, this charge will increase at their discretion for longer journeys.
  • Dog Agility Sessions – This service is to provide your dog with fun only which also helps to keep him/her fit.  It is your responsibility to decide whether your dog is suitable enough to engage in agility sessions.  We do not portray ourselves as professional dog trainers and accept no legal or financial responsibility for accident or injury to your dog/s whilst using the agility equipment. We will endeavour to take a photograph of your dog/s during at least one of the sessions which will be added to our business facebook page www.Facebook.com/BJKennelsandCattery unless you leave a written instruction to the contrary.
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